This is the Season 2 Prologue (teaser) for the Korean webtoon series Kubera: One Last God. It features all 10 main characters. None of the images below have appeared in Season 2, although they represent certain times and events.

Asha: Give me your word—
that whatever happens, you will trust me.
Leez: Yup! I promise, Asha![1]

2-0 preview 1

Leez is first seen wearing this dress in Ep.2-127. Mirha loans it to her, and it was originally her mother's dress.[2]

This scene occurs in Ep.2-128.[1]

Ran to Asha: What? Why're you talking
like someone who's about to die?

2-0 preview 2

These two images represent a scene that occurs in Ep.2-24.[3]

2-0 preview 3a

You think there is no way I would die?

2-0 preview 3b

A variation of this scene, showing Gandharva with both hands down, appears in Ep.2-69.[4]

You think there is no way she would
have died?

2-0 preview 4

This is a war with no villains, only victims...

2-0 preview 5a
2-0 preview 5b

Ran is first seen wearing this shirt in Ep.2-126.[5]

2-0 preview 5c

Yuta develops to his 3rd stage in Ep.2-74.[6]

...and a story where someone, in the
end, will have to cry.

2-0 preview 6a
2-0 preview 6b
2-0 preview 6c
Brilith is first seen wearing this outfit in Ep.2-141.[7]


Do not forget...
One day, not all of us will be left at your

2-0 preview 7
Lorraine gives Asha the coat seen here in Ep.2-144.[8] Leez starts wearing the Hide of Bondage in Ep.2-139.[9]

This scene occurs in Ep.2-161.[10]

2-0 preview 8
Asha say this at the end of Ep.2-164.[11]


From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:

  • (smiling Leez): This image was revealed in the FanCafe in June 2012. No one expected the exposed skin and the dress from the full image, though!
  • The Season 2 Prologue can be a big spoiler, but if you don't know what's going on, then it's just a collection of the main characters' faces. You will understand only when you get there, as it was with the Season 1 Prologue.[12]
  • (Blurb about the "Find the Currygoms" event. Currygom likes to hide little currygoms in scenes throughout the webtoon, and she held a contest to see who could find them all from Season 1.)


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