Scenes from a dream: Leez is aware of Lutz, Claude, and bystanders talking about using her to keep Yuta around. She sees Asha turn away and Yuta crying. She herself is crying as she bleeds.

Leez, in bed, wakes up, and a pair of caretakers offers her a drink and asks if she remembers anything. Leez responds that she only remembers cooking a meal for Asha, and that she must have fallen asleep waiting for her.

At the Kalibloom Magic Guild, Asha is surprised that Leez has no memory of what happened with Yuta. Claude and Ran agree that it is probably for the best. Claude then goes on to say that otherwise it would be problematic for them if Yuta returned and she avoided him out of fear. Ran is aghast and asks him if he ever considers things from another person's point of view. Claude seems offended and responds that of course he does, then goes on to scrutinize Leez's naive yet stupid personality, and finally asks Ran how he likes his analysis of Leez's point of view. Ran concludes that Claude is nuts, and Lutz criticizes Claude, known for analyzing everything, for not being able to predict that Yuta would leave. Claude replies that he assumed Yuta would stay like he did back when he hungered for Leez's neck,[1] and is confident that the rakshasa would eventually return, since suras hold their interest in things for a long time. Ran is reminded of his mother words to him that "Those who live long also love long."[2] Lutz then announces that the AA vote will be held in Eloth, and a magician's conference on defense will be held in Aeroplateau. Ran asks why the location for the conference was changed from Eloth, but Lutz avoids giving a straight answer as he looks at a telegram requesting that Asha be brought to Aeroplateau to be investigated over her use of hoti visnu. Lutz instead suggests that Ran go and visit Leez. Ran invites Asha to accompany him, but Lutz says he still has business with her. When Claude offers to go, he is rebuffed.

Yuta arrives in Rindhallow and finds Maruna.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • This episode appears to indicate that the one Leez was mentally begging not to leave was Asha (though it could be both Asha and Yuta).[3]
  • Aeroplateau was mentioned twice already in the series:
    • Once by Ran's uncle.[4]
    • Once as a destination for mail delivery.[5]
  • Both the conference and the AA vote were mentioned on the newspaper Claude was reading a few episodes ago.[3]
  • Yuta's eyes turned blue-green again. For more, see the spoilers section of Ep.2-110.[6]


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