In a flashback, young Asha memorizes a list of requirements given from someone mysterious, who tells her that failing to meet all those requirements will reduce her odds of winning. Not far from the sura gathering, Lorraine talks to herself about her sneak attack on Asha with her flying car, then activates a self-destruct sequence in the car that will apparently blow up everything within a 10km radius. Yuta knocks her out from behind and lifts the car off of Asha. When she comes to, he tells her to use hoti asvins first, but instead she casts bhavati indra in an attempt to kill Lorraine. She then tries to follow up with hoti marut but Yuta stops her with his eyes. Asha questions if Yuta was ever really her pawn and loses her composure. As she insists that she has to win, Yuta wonders why she was chosen since her soul is unable to bear the power it has now, much less the greater power she wants to obtain. At the sura gathering, as they watch a golden vortex rise to the sky, Sagara says her goodbyes to Kubera, who tells her that he has no use for empty words. Through the top of the vortex, something with golden scales can be seen.

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Hand? Hand.Edit

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(Currygom released this post on her blog 4 hours before the afterword.)

In today's upcoming Episode 2-170, the hand in the 2nd panel (Asha's hand) is not a drawing mistake. You don't know what I'm talking about yet, but you'll know once you see it.

(sticker - confused bear)

Right, I remembered this because I mentioned drawing mistakes. The hand in the 6th panel of Episode 2-168 (Leez lying on the ground) is not a mistake, either. It's just the perspective... yeah... that's what it is.


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  • (thumbnail - young Asha): Seeing her right hand is a rare occurrence.
  • (Saha): He was seen wearing that necklace before.[1] Do you see what it was?
  • (Lorraine by the car): If she (Asha) were a normal human, she would've definitely died in this traffic accident(?).
  • (chibi-ish Sagara): I want to draw chibis. *sob* *sob* (Currygom previously stated that she has been drawing fewer chibis in Season 2.[2])
  • I tried not to use important scenes, so this afterword is unbelievably short. There aren't many episodes left in this Loser chapter. I have a deadline every week, and the time ticks away so quickly. And I get older faster. (crying sticker)


  • It is quite obvious that the mysterious voice is that of Visnu. This is verified later.[3]
  • It appears likely that Saha was wearing his engagement ring on his necklace.
  • Yuta seems to know that Visnu was the one who chose Asha to bear so much power. Whether he learned this through insight or from another source is still unknown at this point.
  • The scaly figure was previously seen in Ep.2-124 in a flash-forward,[4] and in more detail in Volume 3 as part of a bonus scene.


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