Cloche leaves the sura gathering and goes in search of Clophe. She finds him unconscious with Hura, who threatens to kill her brother if she refuses to follow him somewhere safe. In Rindhallow, as Erin and Lilia discuss treating people who were injured in a building collapse, Natasha gripes that they would have suffered less damage if someone stronger than Brilith had summoned Agni. Lilia overhears, and threatens to report her for blasphemy. They bicker for a bit until Erin quietly asks Natasha to let it go, because Lilia is still unaware of Saha's death. At Sky Tower, Rana decides to go down to Rindhallow and help with recovery operations. Ran wants to go with her, but she tells him he should stay. Nearby, Agni assures himself that he made the right choice in returning to the cities. Ruche suddenly tries to get his attention and points to a strange gold light in the distance. Back at the sura gathering, Sagara watches the light pillar grow stronger, then fizzle out. She notices that Kubera's glow is gone, and she asks if he is doing this on purpose. Asha suddenly teleports in, and Sagara is frustrated when Kubera makes no attempt to kill her. Asha addresses Sagara, telling the "King of Snakes" that she cannot kill her.

Currygom's commentEdit

Hura has four arms in his human form. I previously showed them in passing,[1] but for those who weren't sure about it, I drew them clearly this time.


Blog link Date: 2016.01.18  23:30 Category: Episodes
  • (thumbnail - Cloche): I don't think I've ever selected Cloche as an afterword thumbnail, but she was pretty this time, so I chose her.
  • (Cloche and Hura): Clophe is lying on the ground... He's really useless. I acknowledge it. I think he believes that there'll come a day when he'll show lots of power and he's building momentum.
  • (Erin and Lilia): There's a profile box for Lilia in Ep.2-126.[2] She's a 26-year-old pure-blood and the Aeroplateau Magic Guild president. In the Punishment side story, she was mentioned as a marriage candidate for Saha because of her high potential. During that discussion, she was only 20 and not yet a magic guild president, but she was still a promising talent. But why were only pure-blood women (Lorraine, Rana, Lilia) discussed as marriage candidates? Saha is a quarter-blood, so why not look for someone who is also a quarter? Aren't you curious?
  • (angry Natasha): If you're wondering how high Natasha's magic ranking is again... you can look it up in Ep.2-129.[3] She is surprisingly high-ranked (13), and so is Erin beside her (15). Their rankings are not unusual for priests or magic guild presidents. Eloth University has individuals such as them as professors...


  • Hura seems to have inside information, and wants to save the siblings...from something.
  • Currygom's afterword seems to foreshadow a power-up for Clophe. He's still at 3rd stage even though he's older than Cloche, who's in 4th stage.


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