As Rana and Airi help the injured near the crash site of Turret #1, Airi notes that there may still be some people trapped under a collapsed building. Rana decides to go inside to try to save them, but Airi warns her that the building might collapse even more. At the sura gathering place, Sagara and God Kubera argue over whether they should continue with their plans. Not far away, Asha tells Leez that she was probably going to fail anyway, but she had an alternate plan that had a better probability of succeeding. Leez accuses Asha of causing her to lose vigor so she was unable to effectively use spells or any transcendentals, but Asha just tells her it is her own fault and she should thank her for saving her. When Leez tells her off, Asha responds by telling her that her father did not go missing... She killed him. She adds that it would have been unfair for Leez to live a comfortable life with her father. Leez tries to attack her, but Yuta holds her back. As Leez swears that she will kill her, Asha teleports away in the flying car. This is the last time Leez sees Asha for a long time to come.

Currygom's commentEdit

The suffering of the main character(s) is only just beginning... Until now, everything was just a warm-up.


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  • (thumbnail - Rao Leez): Shining No. 1 fighter, Rao Leez. But he was only human after all.
  • (rubble): This is the spot where Airi and Ruche crashed. If you compare it with the the background scene from earlier,[1] you could see that something very big crashed here. It's not surprising that Airi never found Leez when she went looking for her... So now she's trying to help other survivors.
  • (gathered suras watching Kubera): The kids in the upper row must be upani-rank?
  • (Asha entering the flying car): It might seem that Leez's ability to back talk(?) has suddenly improved, but if you look back at early Season 1 when she met Asha for the first time, you can see that she was already doing it even then. The reason she stopped talking back is...


  • Leez's statement to Asha of how she once crawled at her command is likely a reference to the time she crawled for the gold coin Asha threatened to toss away.[2]


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