Leez learns from Saha's paperwork that Asha previously ceased to exist for three years, and now knows that she will return in the future. She also realizes that Yuta used his eyes to exclude her from the effects of the hoti visnu spell. Yuta appears and asks for the Sword of Return. Leez, still angry with him, tosses him the sword and the Hide of Bondage. She tells him to go away, but thinks that she wants him to stay. Yuta reads her mind. Yuta says in sura speech that it would be best for her to hate him. Leez replies, "Best?" and they both realize that Leez can now understand Yuta's speech.

Currygom's commentEdit

Some of the images of Leez in this episode have been beautified by a certain sura's loving eyes.


Blog link Date: 2016.03.14  23:30 Category: Episodes
  • (thumbnail - Leez): This episode was the first time I had to modify some scenes because Naver Webtoon informed me that it was too adult-rated. Usually there would be no issue having scenes such as these in a printed volume, so I didn't think it would get an adult rating... But since anyone can read webtoons, they need to have stricter standards than a printed volume...! You can find out how this episode should really look in the book version later.
    (sticker - grinning Moon)
  • (Yuta dodging Leez's Sword): It's nice that Yuta was fast. If he wasn't...
  • (Leez removing the Hide): When she took off the Hide of Bondage, she no longer had any arm warmers nor anything else worn over her shirt. Seeing that, do you realize how much of that is part of the Hide of Bondage?
  • (close-up of the Hide and the bracelet): This is the process of putting it on. But she doesn't always wear it like an arm warmer. It depends—it could be tied like a scarf. See the end of Episode 2-140 when Leez sat up in her bed.


  • It seems that Currygom originally had Leez topless after she removed the Hide of Bondage, and later had to add a bra in several scenes.