Agni's unexpected reveal puts everyone in shock, especially Ruche.

When Brilith wonders what Agni's plan might be, she realizes he has none at all. He then hurriedly changes back to Idioty Smith, only to be glared at. So, finally, he properly introduces himself to the humans as the Fire God Agni.

Teo and Gandharva see Elwin, who does not live with Teo, off to the Fighters Guild. While Gandharva and Teo walk, she explains her history with Elwin and why she adopted her. Teo's parents (a half and a quarter) somehow ended up in the sura realm during the chaos of the Cataclysm. She still hopes they're alive, but knows that it is false hope. Gandharva, with a surprised expression, momentarily stops walking.

As Asha's group approaches the Kalibloom checkpoint, the stalker's computer system measures Yuta's transcendental value at 1350, making him a sure target for the Hide of Bondage, which captures the individual with the highest transcendental value in its target range. Yuta suddenly senses his mother and notices the Hide, wondering why it is there. The Hide, however, passes Yuta up and continues toward the rest of his group. The stalker, surprised at this turn of events, has her system measure a wider area, and finds that someone else in a 100m radius possesses a transcendental value of 17860.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Hide of Bondage): The Hide of Bondage looks like it's from a different genre. I didn't draw the face, so don't bother lightening it. (e.g. with Photoshop)
    • (Agni and Brilith): There's no way Brilith can ever marry now. Anyone who tries to date her will earn an express ticket to Hell...
    • (Teo): Season 2 Teo will be a bit more important than Season 1 Kasak. Teo's blog profile was posted last week. Look under "Supporting Characters".
    • The Catalysm will only be mentioned in flashbacks like this. There won't be any episodes dedicated to the Catalysm alone.
    • (Yuta pausing behind Leez): Nobody knows except you... and you can't even talk about it...
    • Long paragraph explaining why there will be no birthday event from now on due to problems the previous year
  • Agni's jurisdiction is fire. He won't die permanently, and will instead resurrect each time he is killed, until his jurisdiction disappears. All natural gods like Agni will pretty much only die once the universe is destroyed.
  • We learn this episode that some people somehow crossed over into the sura realm during the Cataclysm.
  • Kasak is apparently known to have a transcendental value of over 10,000.[1]
  • We later learn that Leez's transcendental value is 4240,[2] so the measured value may belong to either Asha or Ran.


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