Leez and God Kubera walk together in the forest. He assures her that she can leave the Sword of Return behind, since nobody else can pick it up. She says there's not much she can do for him so she offers to give him a shoulder massage, but he ignores her offer. Leez then asks him if he made a background check on her, since he knows her real name and told her to use a fake one earlier.[1] The god interrupts her questions and asks her not to ask anymore. Leez starts complaining when he starts playing with her hair, and he says that since it's the last time, he wants an ordinary day spent like normal human beings.

At the Temple of Chaos, Ran asks Claude if he saw Leez or a tall man come out. The priest responds that he only saw Yuta jump down. Asha headed towards the center, but then left before entering, and teleported away with hoti vayu. Claude suggests looking for Yuta, who headed towards the site for the 4th test.

Riagara asks Yuta why he'd risk his life when he should have enough vigor from eating the previous suras. Yuta notes that he's jealous because for them, hunting is optional and only necessary to replenish vigor. They won't starve to death. Riagara asks him what he means, but Yuta suddenly notices Elwin in the crowd. He recalls that Elwin can hear sura speech,[2] and starts to excuse himself, but Riagara realizes that he knows Elwin and kidnaps her. Yuta chases after them along the temple walls, confident that he will catch her, when suddenly she is picked up by a flying Garuda clan sura in red—Maruna.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Placeholder: we still don't know where Asha went after the commotion.
  • Yuta reveals this episode that unlike other superior suras, he needs to eat to survive. This is because of his Chaos lineage.[3]

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no more questions
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up to something
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understood them
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come with me, kid


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