Thanks to Mr. Kasak, Brilith confirms several pieces of information regarding the attack on Atera—that several superior suras have come to Willarv from the sura realm, that the person called Sagara was really a nastika, and that one of the suras caused all the red sky incidents as well as the two attacks on Atera. She is upset with Agni's apparent indifference to her investigation.

Agni suddenly gives her a distracting hug from behind. He then asks Mr. Kasak how long it would take him to arrive at Kalibloom. The half-dragon replies that it would be about 30 minutes via his transcendental Crescent Gate. Agni tells him to leave for Kalibloom, and suggests calling Agwen to maintain the Fire barrier. Suspecting that Agni plans to fight someone there, Brilith asks him what is going on in Kalibloom. However, he asks her whether she wants him to return to the god realm. He then tells her to stop worrying and to go to sleep. He departs, leaving Brilith depressed about how little use she is to him.

Gandharva's attack shatters the Earth barrier. The other people at the temple realize that it is restored again, but Siera has collapsed. They urgently call all magicians capable of maintaining the barrier. One of these magicians is in the process of putting out a fire. However, Agni suddenly emerges from the flames, and after some friendly advice about being careful with fires, he asks to be taken to the barrier seat before the city gets wiped out. A tsunami approaches Kalibloom. Maruna grabs Elwin and flees the area, as the whole region around Kalibloom floods.

After the last attack, Leez has difficulty getting Ran to come to his senses, only to realize that he has fainted. Asha notices that the floodwaters have suddenly stopped rising, and that the barrier is now stronger than before. It has also changed attributes, because Agni has arrived.

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  • Kasak mentions that he needs to shake off "things" when he passes through the Crescent Gate.
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    We later learn that he has to shake off suras from the Taraka clan.[1]
  • It was previously mentioned that Agni has to remain hidden because of Vishnu's post-Cataclysm rules.[2][3] Here, it seems he may be unable to speak about the ongoing events because of these same rules, and he may be forced to return to the god realm otherwise.
  • It seems Leez was right. Babo Kim is overly friendly with everyone x3.[4]
  • We learn this episode that gods are able to change a barrier's attribute. Asha is the only human shown so far capable of doing this.[5]


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