Agni faces the sura-form Gandharva, noting that he was much smaller than he has ever seen. He tries to assess Gandharva's state of mind, and concludes that he is not rational enough to talk things out and has to be stopped by force.

At the Kalibloom Magicians Guild, it dawns on Leez that they are in a more dangerous situation than they were in Atera, but Asha reassures her that they have no need to worry as long as Agni keeps the barrier up. Leez is disappointed to learn that she was the only one who did not already know about something important (Agni being on Willarv), again. As the guild magicians try to formulate a plan for after the god's eventual departure, Riche insists that the obvious course of action would be to kill the sura, and she would even loan out her god-level items for the cause.

Agni wants to increase his attacks, but has to hold back to allow Brilith to recover her vigor. He attempts to lure Gandharva away from the city, but he refuses to budge for some reason.

Underneath the water is Teo's body, suspended in ice.

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  • Like Maruna,[1] Agni notes that Gandharva is the smallest he has ever seen. Nastikas can change the size of their sura form. A previous exhibit noted that Gandharva is usually shown as planet-sized, though Agni once saw him big enough to swallow a red star.[2] Currygom once mentioned in her now-closed me2day that nastikas avoid showing their biggest size.
  • Why would they want a Gandharva sura's carcass?
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    Why, to make transport ships, of course![3]


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