Agni sees same insight he originally had on Leez in Atera.[1] Again, Leez tells him that she only fights to protect the Name. This time, she then asks a person if he is disappointed that she does not choose to save the life of others. When the person answers no, she tells him, smiling, that he must know the answer she would give.

Leez refers to Agni as Idioty Smith, then apologizes again for mistaking the god for someone else. As soon as she mentions the water below, Agni immediately understands that she want he should stop the water. Leez is surprised that Agni knew already, but Agni thanks her for telling him. He then wonders whether evaporating the water would buy him some time. Leez awkwardly tells him to throw her into the mountains nearby, as her body is durable so she will probably survive. However, Agni speaks of her true grief, and of the crying girl he met once.[1] He tells her to allow herself to cry, or she will end up forgetting how. Leez finally realizes that he really is Idioty Smith, and starts crying, while being consoled by Agni.

Agni finally sets her down, and decides to tell her one fact to ease her loneliness: even in her difficult life, there will be someone who stays with her until the end, probably someone who loves her very much. He disappears, leaving Leez to wonder who he could be talking about.

Agni boils away the water below, exposing much of the submerged landscape. When Gandharva's sura form disappears, he ponders the connection between Gandharva's transformation and the water, but is nonetheless puzzled because water should not be a requirement, but transformation should not be possible in the human realm. He decides to attack before Gandharva transforms again, but hesitates in surprise when he sees Gandharva crying, before being engulfed in Gandharva's transcendental attack.

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  • This insight is the extension of the one Agni had of Leez in Season 1.[1]
  • Leez gives an "answer." This may be the choice that God Kubera thought of the last time he saw Leez, but that he was unable to see.[2]
  • Thank you, Agni, for telling Leez that she has a death flag.


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