Sagara notes that Gandharva should have been able to prevent Agni from evaporating the water. When Gandharva suddenly attacks Agni with a powerful transcendental, a surprised Sagara explains to her underlings that it is his unique transcendental called "Frozen Tear" that could only be used if he cried, but it had been sealed by Taraka. Since the transcendental would not affect a god, Sagara concludes that Gandharva has either finally lost his mind or wants Agni to kill him.

Hura questions Sagara's decision to let Parr go,[1] noting that the action isn't typical of her, and decides there must be a hidden reason for it.

When Agni realizes that Gandharva is crying, he tries to talk with him, asking Gandharva to stop harming humans, then reminding him about his clan and daughter. Gandharva simply responds with one attack after another. A frustrated Agni then uses Sword of Hellfire to summon his sword and changes their surroundings. He reveals that he has known a way to kill Gandharva for a long time now, but hasn't killed him because of Menaka's pacifistic influence on him. He even hoped that the could become allies one day, though that idea is turning out to be a delusion. Gandharva looks surprised at this last comment, since he himself had a similar wish, but then a great swirling column of brown smoke surrounds them.

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  • The fact that Gandharva can now use a transcendental previously sealed by Taraka, is actually a clue to what happened to Kasak within the Crescent Gate. See the Notes section for Episode 2-82.[2]
  • Agni summoned his weapon again, like he did back in Season 1 when Brilith summoned him back.[3] This weapon allows him to use the unique fire-based transcendentals of other beings. Here, he used two transcendentals:
    • Extermination, Taksaka's unique transcendental. Since the skill normally needs to be used in sura form, Agni can only access the side-effects of the ability, but it allows him to use Fathomless Fire.
    • Fathomless Fire, Vritra's unique transcendental. Though Agni learned this skill long ago, it can normally only be used in sura form, so Agni could only use it after learning Extermination.
    • Agni can only learn an ability if he survives at least one hit by that skill.
    • In Season 1, Agni told Gandharva that if he wanted to, he could have killed him long ago.[4] It seems here that he had really found a method.
  • The scene that Agni thinks of, where he and Gandharva are allies, is the same scene that Gandharva imagined in Episode 18.[5]


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