Agni instantly returns to Atera via a lit candle at an outdoor stand, wondering why all the temple fires are out.

The fighter search party locates Gandharva in an area that was previously underwater, and Parr recognizes him as the man with Teo.[1] They decide that it is better to question him about Teo instead of killing him. Only the fighters with god-level items proceed, so Parr stays behind. As the group confronts their suspect, one becomes too aggressive, resulting in the death of all the fighters via one of Maruna's transcendentals. Maruna steps forward and asks if Gandharva is okay—how dare they raise their weapons against him? Since the Chaos barrier is down, Sagara's army would take over from there and they could now leave. However, Gandharva stands there in despair.

Behind the protection of hoti chandraAsha tries to calm down Parr, who blames herself for the fighters' deaths. Asha suggests that the rest of the fighters retreat because of the presence of the powerful red sura, but they argue that a sura should be killed before it takes sura form, and who was she to tell them what to do? Leez stands behind them all with a dark expression.

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  • We saw an ad for Hunter's Eyes x20 (which the first fighter we see is wearing) back in Episode 27.[2]
  • Gandharva's scene here corresponds to his scene in the Season 2 Prologue.[3]
  • Asha took off her shoes before she dove after Leez.[4] She was unable to get her shoes back since both went outside the barrier, so evidently, she made herself temporary purple shoes with hoti brahma.


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