Asha wonders how Leez was able to activate the Sword of Return. Leez suddenly begins to speak as if she were someone else, calmly accusing Asha of holding back Leez to prevent her from getting her revenge, just so that Asha could continue to use her. Asha asks for the speaker's identity, but the person tells her that he/she is someone who wants Leez's happiness, more than anyone else, and that she respects Leez's path. The person concludes that it doesn't matter if Leez dies in the end, as it may be a happier end than living life as a pawn. Mentally, the person apologizes for being unable to give Leez a better future. "Leez" fires off a transcendental attack. Parr realizes that it is an attack from the Sword of Re, which the previous owner, Teira Bell, could also use. They look in Leez's direction, only to realize she is gone. Asha warns them one last time to run away.

Hura, in sura form, was hit by the attack but was unable to regenerate, using up one of his lives. Maruna asks what he wanted, and he replies he is there to help. Maruna realizes that the turrets aren't firing at the sura-form Hura. Hura explains that the barrier disappeared after Agni left, and Sagara has since managed to secure the barrier seat. Maruna then spots the human girl approaching, and recognizes her as the one who escaped from the village near Atera. She fires off another attack from the sword, hitting Hura again, while Maruna dodges by flying up. In response, he fires up his unique transcendental and blasts a crater without giving Hura a chance to get away first. As he mutters to himself about the inferiority of humans, a regenerating Leez appears behind him.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • This is the first time we learn more about Leez's blackouts. Leez experienced multiple blackouts in Season 1:
    • Running down the cliff after Maruna destroyed her village.[1]
    • Jumping into the temple of fire with Asha.[2]
    • Avoiding an attack by a sura after the Golden Knight was stuck on her.[3]
    • Using Earthquake to destroy the Chaos suras created by Taraka.[4]
  • Placeholder: currently, the identity of the one controling Leez is still unknown. Theories include:
    • Ananta: Ananta appeared previously in Leez's dream.[5] Korean speakers also commented that the speech style is similar. However, it is unclear why Ananta would care about Leez's happiness.
    • Kubera: he appears to care for Leez, but this action contradicts the fact that he promised to let Leez live.
    • Leez from the future.
    • Rao Leez: as her father, he'd wish for Leez's happiness, but his tone towards Asha seems excessively cold and distant.
    • Anna Haias: It's unclear how Anna would be able to control her daughter.
    • Some unknown possibility for now.
  • Teira Bell drew the Sword of Re 40 years ago.[6] She may be one of the silhouettes shown during the Test of the Sword.[7]
  • Hura induced all the attacks before, like he did in Atera, which is why Maruna was unharmed.
  • Hura complains about being unable to regenerate. The Sword of Re nullified his regenerative abilities, but it did not negate his revival transcendental, Twelve Comeback. Hura used this skill to revive from Kasak's attacks back in Season 1.
  • Maruna did deal Leez a mortal blow. The green glow around her indicates that she received a mortal blow, and is being revived by the Golden Knight's transcendental, Regeneration. The Sword of Re only negates one's natural regeneration, not healing/revival transcendentals or spells.


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