Claude thinks they should return to the temple, but Yuta is unwilling to move from where he's standing. Finally, Claude tells him that waiting too long to take action might result in someone's death: the girl he wants, Leez, his sponsor Asha, or even someone else. He asks him if that's really what he wants.

Still regenerating, "Leez" takes a swing at Maruna with the Sword of Re. He dodges, but he's surprised at the amount of growth she's achieved in just a few months. Still, he deduces that she's out of vigor, and prepares another transcendental attack to finish her off. In response, she provokes him into raising the power of his attack. Mentally, she reveals that although humans are thought to have less vigor than gods or suras, in reality they can recover vigor faster when they're happy. Thus, depending on their mindset, their vigor could be infinite. As Maruna fires his attack, the Golden Knight turns black to activate its Counterattack transcendental. Suddenly, the attacks fizzle out. Yuta stands there, pleading with them to stop.

Zard Blain observes that rakshasas are attacking the temple, but the upanis don't seem to be attacking seriously, making him wonder what it is the suras wanted. He also learn that Teo had sent a request for aid to Eloth because she was afraid they had a situation similar to Atera, and help is already on its way.

A group of magicians asked their Representative, who was wearing the Hide of Bondage, why they are heading to Kalibloom even though the request wasn't an official one, and he replies that it is because his younger brother is in the city.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • Humans recover vigor faster when they are happy. This was already mentioned in Season 1.[1] In normal state, Leez may already be capable of recovering vigor faster using this method: the Golden Knight flickered on and off while she was climbing the pillar (possible due to rapid vigor depletion and replenishing),[2] and her vigor recovered very fast against Sagara.[3]
  • The magicians and fighters wonder what the suras are up to. Claude believes that they were planning to keep the city hostage and threaten Siera in case he refuses to give them God Kubera's items.[4] However, the security was off, and Siera fainted,[5] so they didn't need to seriously carry out the threat.
  • Zard learns here thaat Teo had sent for backup. Teo was fully aware of Gandharva's identity, so she must have prepared this back-up plan.
  • Ran sent Lutz the Hide of Bondage a while ago to get it modified.[2]


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