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Season 2 Episode 74: The One Standing Before Me (4)
2-74 new Yuta
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Kasak appears above the Eloth magicians, who notice little black creatures on the Half Dragon's back. He angrily crushes/scrapes them off on the side of a cliff, then growls that he should have killed Yuta when they met in Atera, because now he needs to kill him before he reaches 3rd stage.

Maruna doesn't understand why Leez refers to his brother as "Yuta," and begins a new attack to kill her off, which Yuta immediately nullifies. Maruna becomes angry that he would protect the human who was trying to kill him. Yuta says that her actions were because Maruna destroyed her village, so he should try to see the situation from her perspective. This only agitates him further. As the elder brother continues to express his disappointment and disgust, he asks Yuta if the human is more important than his flesh and blood. Yuta is about to answer, but briefly envisions Leez without her clothes, making him unable to answer for a moment. Maruna transforms into his Sura form and declares that he will take Yuta to the Sura realm by force. Yuta comes to the realization that his brother's intentions weren't for his sake at all. At that moment though, Leez yells at him to run away. Yuta recalls how Leez would always run head-first into danger for him. Leez wants him to run while she tries to lure the sura away. However, Yuta begins to cry, thinking that his own motives weren't as pure. Still, he wants to believe that this is love.

Leez begins to run, to try to implement her plan. But she suddenly hears a loud boom behind her. As she turns around, she sees a very different, older Yuta before her.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • It is possible to guess the reason Kasak wants to kill Yuta. See the spoilers section for Chapter 2-82.[1]
  • When Leez tries to protect Yuta, he thinks back to two instances:
    • When they first met.[2]
    • When Leez chases Taraka to save him.[3]
  • We eventually learn that the conditions to develop vary from sura to sura. A sura needs to accumulate experience for that condition,[4] and when it has accumulated enough, it needs an experience more intense than those that came before it to trigger development. Thus, it would appear that Yuta accumulated experience along 2 lines:
    • His desire to be reunited with his siblings.
    • His desire for Leez. Put another way, all of his interactions with Leez until now, were him accumulating experience to develop towards Chaos. The current moment, where Leez risks her life for him without weighing any gains or losses, is the key that triggered his development.


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