"Yuta?" As Leez stares incredulously at Yuta's new form, he looks back at her as he thinks of an excuse he could make for his sudden growth. However, since his goal was her protection, he continues to transform, this time to his new Chaos-like sura form. The whole while, he is concerned that Leez would hate him for being a sura and for his repulsive new form. Leez continues to look upset and confused, until she looks down and sees the words "Please run" scrawled onto the ground.

Maruna wonders why his brother chose now to develop, and whether his brother began to doubt him because of the Power of the Name. They begin to tussle so he can evaluate his younger brother's new strength, but as Yuta insists he doesn't want to fight seriously, Maruna continues to demand that they leave together because something powerful that was neither god, nor the Ananta or Asura clans, would eventually come after him for the Name. They would be unable to defeat the opponent even together. Yuta wants an explanation for everything, which Maruna is either unwilling or unable to provide. Yuta interprets it as refusal, and declares that he will remain in the human realm and protect humans. Maruna scoffs at the idea and dares him to stop him. Yuta summons his sword and prepares to fight.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Placeholder: it still isn't clear why Maruna brings up the Power of the Name as a reason for Yuta to doubt him.
  • Placeholder: it still isn't clear why Maruna claims that Yuta isn't his brother.
  • The Power of the Name mentioned here is actually not related to Leez: Maruna's talking about his clan's Name.[1]
  • Maruna is reluctant to reveal the ones after the Power of the Name, for two reasons:
    • The Garuda clan itself is after the Power of the Name.[2] Power levels aside, Maruna would obviously not want to oppose his clan.
    • Worse, they plan to send Samphati, the sister of a rakshasa Yuta ate when he was younger. He probably didn't want Yuta to remember what happened. See spoilers section of Ep.2-105.[3]
    • He is also reluctant to reveal that if bringing back his siblings doesn't work, the Garuda clan will kill them.[4][5]
  • Maruna claims that his only desire is to save Yuta and Kalavinka. This is true. He developed into 4th stage to save his siblings.[2]

2-75 Yuta and Leez with swords.png
how do I explain this...
2-75 Yuta Sura Form.png
Yuta's 3rd stage Sura form
2-75 Please run.jpg
he still cares
2-75 wings out.png
brother v. brother


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