Hura seems excited over what he has just seen, until Maruna startles him. Hura asks how he is going to explain his most recent fight to Sagara, and tells him he was careless for letting him find out that his brother has his Clan's name. Maruna threatens to kill him, causing Hura to say hold on—he has something important to tell him.

Asha recalls the person who had control of Leez earlier, and wonders, why you and not me? Parr approaches her, notices Asha looking upset, and assumes it is because Asha wasn't able to save everyone. She mentions that most of the [suras]] are now gone except for some rakshasas occupying the Earth Temple, and Asha remembers that Kubera's god-class items are stored there. As they continue to talk, they hear an explosion in the distance, then see Riche running for her life from a snake-like Ananta Sura, yelling that the Magic Guild is under attack. Asha and Parr begin to leave to assist the magicians, leaving Riche behind, but once Riche shouts that she'll give them anything they want, Asha turns around, draws out the Vajra from her cloak, and cast hoti indra, which creates a giant bolt of lightning that fries the giant snake to a crisp.

At the Earth Temple, the security system for Kubera's God-level items have been conveniently turned off, so Cloche and Clophe are able to return quickly to a waiting Sagara with the items. As they prepare to leave, they hear a sudden commotion outside. Kasak lands in the city with the entire Eloth party on his back. As they scramble back to solid ground, one person asks where Lutz went, and another replied that he had jumped off earlier. Riagara offers to stay behind to fight Kasak so the rest could escape, but Sagara indicates it wouldn't be necessary.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • We learn this chapter that the Power of the Name that Maruna is looking for,[1] is different than Kubera's name: he is searching for his clan's Name. Incidentally, this chapter indicates that clans have Names.
  • Parr is holding the bag containing the Neutral Bow.
  • Asha did warn Riche about her own safety, after all.[2]
  • Price for the Neutral Bow: 100,000 gold.[3] Price for the Vajra: 200,000 gold.[2] Getting both for free from Riche: priceless.


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