2-79 Leez views the devastation
Yuta and Leez finally return to Kalibloom, only to find the barrier broken and the city infested with suras. Yuta writes down (on paper that had been strewn about) that Asha was heading for the Magicians Guild, and that she should see her to get her hand healed. He will head for the Earth Temple instead. Leez thinks that Yuta is going to help the Priest of Earth, then tells her to be careful. With the Golden Knight already activated, she vanishes in a high-speed run.

A group of magicians reporte that the Priest of Earth was found, but it was odd that no Rakshasa could be seen at the temple.

As Kasak, still in his dragon form, searches around in the distance, Cloche remarks that they still haven't been noticed. Sagara says it would be better to quietly leave and avoid unnecessary fights—, since Kasak has never seen them in their human form. Before they can leave, they see Yuta before them. He immediately takes down Riagara and Clophe at a speed that Cloche couldn't see. Sagara explains that he used his sura tail and hid it before they could hear the sound, a feat only possible of his partial transformation can match his speed.

He next targets Pingara, warning him that he was wrong to think that he could use transcendentals if Yuta can't see him. He then partially eats him. From Cloche's lack of movement until then, he deduces that she relies solely on transcendentals. Finally, he questions Sagara about his brother's involvement in the attacks on human cities, which leads her to realize he was the one Maruna had been fighting with earlier. She responds that his brother was cooperating for the sake of the Garuda Clan so he shouldn't interfere. Before Yuta can interrogate her further, they are interrupted by Kasak, who begins to attack Yuta, allowing Sagara and Cloche to escape with their injured comrades.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Yuta used partial sura transformation to attack with his tail at high speeds before hiding his tail again. This is what Riche captured on camera at the beginning of Season 2.[1]
  • Yuta warns Pingara that it is useless for him to try an ambush transcendental attack. With his red eyes activated, Yuta is apparently now able to nullify spells, magic items and (implied in this chapter) transcendentals within a certain range, even if they aren't directly in his field of vision. We see him doing so later.[2]
  • Yuta is right about Cloche: she specialized in transcendentals instead of hand-to-hand combat like her brother Clophe.
  • Kasak decided to kill Yuta after emerging from the Crescent Gate earlier.[3] He has a reason for his change of attitude, explained later.[2]


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