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Season 2 Episode 83: The Good (3)
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2-83 turrets

a headache for Siera

The turrets begin to fire since Kasak has taken sura form, causing the Priest of Earth to become tired and ill. Lutz offers to take over. Claude reiterates that he doesn't have Yuta in hiding, and warns Asha about his card readings that morning. Asha decides to look outside the city. Ran suddenly appears, and wants to tag along after learning that Asha is going to find Yuta. However, he decides to stay behind when he realizes that she'll probably meet Kasak, a Half.

Outside the city, the crowd panics as they believe that Leez has been taken hostage by a sura, and tells Kasak to stop. Leez wants to correct them, but can't because her mouth is covered. Yuta doesn't want Leez to be condemned for associating with a sura, so he is wants to take her to a place where no one will come between them. Humans would think that Leez was merely abducted. As a last resort, Leez summons the Sword of Re, rips off the scarf, and tries to reason with everyone. Yuta is angry that she cares about other people.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • The turrets only fire at targets outside the city.[1] In Season 1, Kasak was already within the barrier in Mistyshore, so the turrets didn't attack him them.[2]
  • It seems Lutz has a lot of vigor. Saha On and Laila Hemawati complain of vigor loss despite being Quarters as well.[3][4]
  • When Yuta fantasizes about bringing Leez to the Taraka clan, the Taraka suras there seem excited over the scene. Some fans like to joke that they represent Yuta x Leez fans.
  • Ouch, Leez just cut the scarf, which is a part of Yuta's body. He does get it back though.[5]


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