Not long after the N0 Cataclysm occurred, Riche Seiran had an unknown person's body frozen in hopes of getting him/her resurrected with the now-defunct Hoti Visnu spell, against the advice of others. She offered a 1 million gold reward. At Eloth University, Agwen is surprised by the amount offered. The younger Asha cryptically remarked that it was a shame. Agwen then congratulated her on having full exam marks again. Half a year later, there were still no takers, so Riche finally relented and held a funeral.

In the present, after browsing the files, Riche considers the fact that Asha saved her life, and the fact that magicians like her are needed in such times. She decides that she is willing to overlook the files if Asha acknowledges what she did and apologizes.

At the hotel, Leez and Ran discuss their progress on the competition for the Neutral Bow. Leez claims that she is going to win, much to Ran's incredulity. Riche shows up alone to confront Asha. When asked why she didn't use Hoti Visnu on any of her homicide victims, Asha replied that she didn't know the spell at the time so she couldn't, and this was a pointless waste of time. Once Riche takes her leave, Ran questions Asha about the homicides. She simply replies that they were accidents, and that she paid the fines - case closed. Leez tries to change the topic and urge them to go to diner.

Back at the mansion, Riche decides that instead of making her information public, she will send the files to the President of the Eloth Magic Guild, who is the #1 ranked magician on Willarv and wanted the death penalty for Asha.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • A million gold is about 44 million USD (varies with the USD/won exchange rate).
  • Asha was accepted into Eloth University at age 13, and graduated at age 16,[1] placing the flashback events between N8 and N11. Riche is 34 in N16, so she'd be between 26 (age appearance: 13) and 29 (age appearance: 15) back then.
  • Leez brags about being close to winning. She actually finished reading the book on bhavati kubera around this time.[2]
  • Leez already heard about the murders at the Temple of Earth.[3] Even so, she didn't try to defend Asha like one would expect her to. This is probably because, since discovering the murders:
    • Asha tried to strangle her,[4] something which Leez kept thinking about.[5][6]
    • Asha sliced open her head with bhavati marut as if it were nothing.[7]
    • Thus, Leez knows that Asha is quite capable of the murders.
  • This is the first time that there is a confirmation that the 29 murders were separate cases. See the spoilers section of the next chapter for more.


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