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Season 1 Episode 23: AAA Magician (3)
1-23 exam room 6 (detail)
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Brilith and Asha arrived at the testing site for the third exam, where they would fight simulated mara-ranked suras in a magically-created space. This exam would greatly influence their final magician ranking. Rindhallow's version of the third exam differed from the other magic guilds because it used the results of the previous two exams to adjust the difficulty of the simulation. A typical exam would have around 5-10 suras. Partners were required to cooperate, since a large difference in scores would result in deductions.

The pair entered Exam room #6, and were faced with possibly over 100 suras. Asha asked Brilith if she was better with bhavati agni or hoti agni; when Brilith responded with hoti, Asha first cast hoti kubera to strengthen her left arm, then launched her into the air with bhavati vayu. After a few moments of panic Brilith cast hoti agni, but Agni (who had been sleeping to minimize any interference with the exam) woke up, realized she was calculating incorrectly, and tweaked her spell a little. Her attack burned the surrounding area, to Brilith's relief, but as she nearly reached the ground again, her partner boosted her back into the air. Brilith protested, but Asha responded that it was for her own safety as she approached a group of suras.

The test administrators could not figure out why the test for room #6 had so many suras, especially since there was no apparent system malfunction. The brought up the pair's information on the screen, and Asha's second exam score, 0515, raised a red flag among the administrators because of the leading zero. Also displayed were Brilith's triple attributes (agni/agni/agni) and Asha's singles (marut/indra/vayu).

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • In the previous chapter, Saha On must have warned against Asha taking the exam in Rindhallow precisely because the difficulty of the test varies based on the previous test scores. On the other hand, Asha may have wanted this, since this would have allowed her to get a higher score.
  • Suras from the Ananta and Asura clans are the most common on Willarv.[1] This is probably the reason why the exams simulate those.
  • Asha's number is 11123002, so she is probably the 2nd person to register on the 30th of the 12th month of N11. This date appears to be several days later than the participants shown in the previous chapter, so she may have arrived relatively late.
  • Brilith nearly hit herself on the head. We later learn that she is poor at Flame Mastery, a fire-attribute silent magic. Flame mastery is necessary for effective use of hoti agni: without it, the users risk hitting themselves with their own spell.[2]

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