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Season 1 Episode 24: AAA Magician (4)
1-24 Asha's bhavati marut
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Brilith (in the present) reflects that she had not realized her magic skills were not nearly as great as she hoped, until her experience with Asha during the magic exam made her realize reality.

In the simulation room, Asha cast hoti kubera to strengthen her legs, then bhavati marut to slash both the surrounding suras and the landscape. Brilith was astounded at the power of the second spell since Asha only had one marut attribute. When the next group of suras poised for an attack, Asha cast hoti vayu for a quick escape, then hoti indra for a mass electrocution, and finally a powerful hoti agni (using none of her birth attributes) to finish them off. Brilith continued to be amazed at the speed and accuracy of her calculations and the power of all her spells. When she finally brought her attention back to their situation, she spotted a sura about to ambush Asha and quickly cast bhavati agni to destroy it. This last action gave her the false idea that she must have some hidden talent, when in reality Agni had been helping her out.

The test administrators were still trying to figure out how Brilith calculated so fast since she bombed the first exam, and why so many new suras kept appearing. Debate over Asha's divine affinity score resurfaced; it seemed her score was originally announced as 9999, before it was recalculated at 0515. But they finally agreed that 0515 was incorrect and decided to notify Laila.

All suras in Exam room #6 were eliminated, and both partners passed the exam. The two continued to butt heads until Asha in the end thanked Brilith for the final attack.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • For more on how attributes affect spell power, see Magic.
  • The facilities apparently also protect against outside transcendental attacks. In a later arc, when suras attack, students at the magic academies are told to take refuge in the magic practice chambers.[1]
  • When Asha's score was initially announced as 9999, it caused a loud commotion in the waiting area. This is the commotion that Brilith heard two episodes earlier, after she left the waiting area.[2]
  • Asha's true divine affinity score is later revealed to be 10515.[3]


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