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Season 1 Episode 25: AAA Magician (5)
1-25 The-four-AA-Magicians
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Brilith took the 4th exam, the barrier test, in the Triple-Agni exam room. The examiner noted that her results were not as good as expected of someone who maintained a flawless barrier. Her vigor was not replenishing, either, as if she were maintaining a second barrier at the same time. Brilith realized this was because of Agni.

Next, Brilith waited outside the Triple-Marut exam room, where Asha was arguing with the test administrator to allow her to take the exam. The administrator refused since she was not a triple Marut and it would be too risky, so Asha grabbed the administrator's shirt in a threatening manner.

The pair soon stood before Laila once again, and Brilith tried to defend Asha's actions so she would not be disqualified. Laila, after letting the young girl's impassioned pleas go on for a bit, admitted she was just messing with her since she was not about to disqualify Asha for something so minor. She then handed them their licenses: a pink A-rank card for Brilith, and a black card for Asha. Laila explained that she made a special rank, A++, for Asha for achieving the highest score ever at Rindhallow in spite of the fact that she only took three out of four exams; the 4th exam would have been required for the AA rank.

Only 4 magicians have attained the AA rank. An A++ would have the same privileges of an A+ rank, but Asha wanted AA privileges in order to access the Human Search System in Eloth. Laila gave Asha written consent to use the system, under the condition that she take Brilith with her before returning her to Atera, and told her to ask the other AA magicians aside from her for permission. Said magicians were all in Eloth. Brilith was pleased that this (plus her A rank) would allow her to retrieve the Staff of Agni from Eloth.

Brilith ends her story there, just before Asha wakes up.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • The four AA magicians (at that time) are, from left to right:
  • Laila states that apart from her, the other AAs are in Eloth. Later, we learn that Saha On refused to give her permission to use the Human Search System, and that Asha was probably searching for those with the name Kubera.[4]
  • Asha mentions that her path was corrupt from the beginning. We later learn the extent of what she has been doing around this period.[4]


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