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Season 1 Episode 26: AAA Magician (6)
1-26 Asha in bed
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The four ladies—Brilith, Lorraine, Ruche, and Leez—drop by Asha's room. She was expecting only Lorraine, and being ogled by the group makes her uncomfortable. Ruche says they absolutely had to see her today because it is Asha's birthday. Ruche offers up her present first, a swimsuit and float patch that Asha had been looking for. Lorraine doesn't have a gift yet, but tells Asha she can have her pick from a shipment arriving from Eloth. Brilith's gift is a handmade red hat that doesn't really suit Asha's style. Leez feels bad about not knowing about Asha's birthday, realizes she isn't as close to her as she thought, and quietly slips out of the room.

When Asha decides to get dressed and go find her, Lorraine protests, saying that the resistance from a barrier with different attributes from hers must have put a huge strain on her. Asha replies that to the contrary, there was no resistance since she changed the barrier attributes to her own. Lorraine finds this to be absolutely brilliant, and recalls a past conversation with Laila in which she called Asha a genius.

After moping alone around the temple grounds, Leez decides to put her gold coin to use and takes off to find Asha a present.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • We saw Lorraine trying to buy Riche's present for Asha earlier on.[1]
  • Asha later makes use of the swimsuit (apparently worn under her usual clothes) during the Water Channel quest.[2]
  • Ruche already mentioned Asha's 3-year-long disappearance earlier.[3]
  • When Leez thinks of the relationship between Brilith and Asha, we see a scene of both of them after they've arrived in Eloth. They're shown visiting the Sorceress's Fashion Bonanza. It mentions several brands: Hella, Sabitri, Artram, Rakraz, and Maryhorn. It also mentions two names: Lutz Sairofe and Lorraine Rartia.
    • Sabitri is the brand that made Brilith's next outfit,[4] as well as the outfits worn by the Priest of Water.[5] In Currygom's side novel, the brand was managed by close relatives of Meiwen Hael, the mother of Agwen Rajof.
    • Artram is the brand managed by Lutz Sairofe.[6] Lutz was first shown when Brilith described magicians.[7]
    • Maryhorn is a chain of private magic academies, with branches in Atera,[8] Kalibloom,[9] and perhaps other cities.


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