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Season 1 Episode 28: The Golden Knight (2)
1-28 decisions
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Leez becomes irritated with the little boy calling her "Shorty," so she decides to pick him up and shake him to scare him a little, but finds herself unable to lift him at all, no matter how hard she tries. The boy responds by patting her on her head, which only makes her more frustrated, and so she runs away. The little boy overhears a couple of thieves in a nearby alley plotting to steal Lorraine's box. He has to make a choice between dealing with the box or following Leez, and decides on the latter, setting off in Leez's direction.

Leez stops when she runs out of breath, and is confused about the weird feeling that washed over her when the boy patted her head; she then tries to reconcile the feeling as embarrassment over being unable to pick him up. She then notices someone nearby selling curry mushrooms for only one gold coin each, and she gets the idea of using one to cook a delicious birthday meal for Asha. Suddenly, there is a commotion caused by the thieves—a Half and a Quarter—stealing the box, and at the same time the curry mushroom seller is down to the last mushroom, so she has a quick decision to make...

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Leez was also supposed to cook lunch for everyone on her birthday.[1]
  • God Kubera probably used the transcendental Rooted Foot to stay in place.
  • God Kubera's reaction is probably from recognizing Leez as the one who has his Name. For now, we still don't know the exact reason for Leez's reaction.
  • In the very last panel, a portion of God Kubera's cloak is visible behind Leez.

1-28 can't lift.png
rooted position
1-28 head pat.png
odd sensation
1-28 Leez's imagination.png
birthday celebration


  1. Season 1 Episode 1: A Girl with a God's Name (1)

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