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Season 1 Episode 29: The Golden Knight (3)
1-29 chasing thieves
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The date is now 11 Marut 22 Kubera, exactly two weeks (24 days) after Gandharva made his deal with Agni in Atera.[1] He thinks to himself that he had been working tirelessly since that day, and there are only three places left: Atera, Eloth, and Rindhallow. The latter two have strong defenses, and attacking Atera would be problematic because of his promise with, with Shakuntala; her memory makes him teary-eyed. Maruna appears, asking why he is here, and is he crying? He also asks where He is since Gandharva argued with him over attacking Atera the previous day. Maruna warns that it would be bad if he turns against Him since it would make them enemies as well, but Gandharva assures him that he is trying to avoid that.

Leez takes a moment to consider that she would get in trouble if she goes after the thieves, so she figures someone else will chase them, and buys the curry mushroom instead. The boy in pink begins to wail that he has no family and will be thrown out if he loses that box, so Leez feels sorry for him and tells him she will go after it. She immediately jumps to the top of the nearest building (without noticing the the little white-haired brat nearby) in pursuit of the thieves. The boy follows closely behind, mysteriously catching up to her with every step. Leez is so focused on the pursuit that she unintentionally leaves the city when she jumps off the high outer wall. The little brat behind her catches a peek of her pink underwear.

Currygom's commentEdit

Their actual eyelashes are the same color as their eyebrows.
That's why I normally draw them in black, not because I find them annoying to draw...


Blog link Date: 2010.08.29  10:28 Category: Episodes Translated by: Jay



  • Eloth's defenses are probably stronger than the others, due to the presence of the Temple of Creation, as the God of Creation Brahma is a primeval god.
  • Gandharva and Maruna are discussing God Kubera. They refer him as He instead of by name as early as Episode 5.[2]
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    The cities mentioned by Gandharva have been confirmed, by use of the Human Search System, to be the locations of the remaining individuals holding the name Kubera.[3]
  • Here, Gandharva and Maruna have mentioned the possibility of becoming enemies, should Gandharva choose to oppose Kubera.
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    He will refer back to this later in Season 2.[4]
  • Ari (full name: Eiraheeari Catroshife), the pink-haired boy, really is without any relatives to depend on. His profile on Currygom's blog reveals that he was originally from planet Isholy, and came with his parents on a trip to Willarv before the Cataclysm. His parents died during the Cataclysm, leaving him without any relatives on this planet. Lorraine is currently taking care of him.
  • The villagers in Leez's hometown have also mentioned that Leez is superior to a quarter.[5]


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