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Currygom's commentEdit

You do remember Elwin... right? You should...


Blog link Date: 2017.07.26  23:30 Category: Episodes Translated by: Jay

<image: Chandra and Laila> Chandra, who's mostly used to having the body of a 2nd-year middle schooler. (~8th grader, 14 years old in Western years)

Even though he can change his age of appearance, he's mostly used to the age he displays most often. He must think that a size that's not too big and not too small is best. Notice that Laila is now wearing flats instead of her usual heels.

<image: group at dinner> He worried for about 3 seconds that they would get suspicious if he avoids vegetables

The omurice with lots of vegetables is reminiscent of the green tea noodles from Season 1.[1] Parr is eating meat right in front of Maruna, but he's eating mostly vegetables in order to avoid suspicion.

<image: poor Maruna> Getting treated like this

Maruna is the type who would be very appealing to Garuda clan girls who are at the same stage as him. He was very popular with girls when he lived with the Garuda clan as a youngster!


He was stuck in 2nd stage for 700 years, while the other girls in his age group all developed... Then he was looked after by the Gandharva clan, but wasn't popular among them... After the Cataclysm he returned to the Garuda clan, but he ended up being beaten to make him develop... and he managed to level up to 4th stage just like that, but there are no longer any girls around to discover Maruna's charms... T_T

<image: Elwin> Open your eyes! Look around you!

What will be Elwin's first reaction next episode?


  • Currygom mentioned in her afterword for Episode 3-9 that Chandra would not appear older very often.[2]
  • The magician with gray-brown hair and glasses previously appeared in Episode 2-70. She was among the group of magicians who blasted Gandharva, and she also told off Asha when she suggested they retreat to the city.[3]


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