Agni tries to question Gandharva, but the nastika seems to have difficulty remembering details of why he was in the human realm in the first place, and only being able to remember two humans he met, "Riche" and "Kupatergent", wondering if they were still alive. Agni decides that Gandharva is insane, but before he can do anything, they both see a flash in the sky.

At the Eloth Magicians Guild, Ruche bursts into the office wondering why Tilda and Lutz have not boarded the transport ship, and if they plan on using her to teleport them instead. After poking a bit of fun at Ruche, Tilda reveals that they are not going to Kalibloom. Ruche questions it and points out that it was Chandra's orders. Lutz explains that it would be dangerous for him and Tilda to be there, and that he already sent an official letter to Rindhallow explaining that the Tarakas hunt their prey according to their transcendental value. He adds that since the Chaos barrier is the weakest of them all, it would be dangerous for those with high transcendental values to meet there. Cue the horde of Tarakas descending from the sky over Kalibloom...

Outside the Temple of Chaos (indicated by the red sky), people begin to panic at the sight, and attempt to rush to the checkpoint. Maruna notices that the sura realm passage is much larger this time, and Elwin asks him if he knows what is going on. As Maruna decides to use the situation as leverage, Parr, Clari, and Teo approach, and are surprised to see Maruna still on the loose. Maruna grabs Elwin's ears and orders her to ask the priestess how to use the Pledge Token. He then explains that he needs to develop or else everyone here will die. Elwin asks him if he will really stop those suras, and he replies "Yes".

Currygom's commentEdit

For those of you who have forgotten these details from Season 2, the Temple of Chaos lies outside of the Earth barrier. The Earth barrier prevents suras from entering, but the Chaos barrier only interferes with offensive transcendentals, so it does not stop suras.


Blog link Date: 2017.09.06  23:30 Category: Episodes Translated by: Jay

<image: Agni looks odd> He looks like he ate something distasteful.

Gandharva only says weird things when he finally gets the chance to speak up... T_T
Agni is a god, and some of you are asking why we haven't seen him being unable to speak because of hoti vishnu until now. hoti vishnu was a very normal spell before the Cataclysm. Loss of existence has to do with Vishnu's problem with his current state, so this is only happening because Asha used the spell after the Cataclysm. If you look back at Episode 2-20, you'll understand.

<image: Ruche> In the entire history of the Eloth Magicians Guild, the current president is the most ignored president.

Since Airi became the president of the Atera Magicians Guild, some of you wondered where Ruche went. She went to Eloth. But this was the result of a proper vote, right~?

<sticker: laughing banana>

<image: Teo> Chandra arrived and only put out the fires, but didn't catch the rakshasa.

Some of you complained that Teo's chest became flatter compared to Season 2. Teo was always like this. When you look at Season 2, Teo was wearing armor... Look back at Episode 2-12 when she had her armor off... and imagine her wearing a coat over her shirt.

<image: suras streaming from the sky> All those dots can't possibly be...

The passage is open in the sky, so anything that cannot fly will fall straight down.

Additions to Kubera Episode 3-22Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.09.07  11:06 Category: Episodes Translated by: Jay

NOTE: This blog post has since been deleted.

I was going to append this to the Episode 3-22 afterword, but decided to put it in a new post because otherwise those who already read the afterword wouldn't see it!

In the early part of the Agni/Gandharva dialogue, the black background inside the images and the black background around the images were indistinguishable... so I added some red inside the images.

I forgot about the Eloth Magicians Guild scene which I was going to add at the last minute. T_T
I thought about fixing it or skipping it and using it the next time it was featured... I added it.

Thank you~


  • How sweet of Gandharva to show concern for his human friend(s) Leez...
  • Gandharva is apparently suffering the effects of Asha's hoti vishnu spell, and is unable to remember God Kubera or Sagara. Yuta mentioned at the end of Season 2 that he thinks that the gods Agni and Chandra are similarly affected by the spell.[2]
  • Now we know that the Tarakas are drawn to those with high transcendental values. Earlier this season, passages from the sura realm were opened in the following locations:

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