As strong as her grudge is against Gandharva, Brilith decides to let him be for the sake of saving the universe, but extracts one promise from him.

Soon after, Brilith asks Agni to inform Chandra that she will not reveal details of the distant past to the present humans. She adds, to his shock, that she has already handled the issue with Gandharva and decided that they need him to help protect the universe.

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Blog link Date: 2018.01.31 Category: Episodes Translated by: Jay

<image: an earlier Brilith with Agni> Tell me about everyone who hurt you while I was away.

There were quite a few of you who asked if Brilith was ever a man in a past life.

I'm going to tell you firmly!

She never was!

There's a reason for this in the story.

<image: Gresvan Brilith> This person existed 1000 years ago.

This is not the Brilith of ancient times. She lived only 1000 years ago (read Episode 2-148).[1] She was the last one to meet Agni before the present Brilith. Because of the length of time in between, there were other lives in the interim where she didn't meet Agni.

<image: Brilith's threatening pose> I'm unable to grab my item.

Agni can't hold the Staff of Agni. It's a penalty for using the Neutral Bow (as Chandra stated in Episode 3-31).[2] Some of you forgot about that and still occasionally ask me.

<image: bad nastikas> Ananta clan nastika

This is just a random nastika from the Ananta clan. It hasn't appeared in the story itself.

There was originally too much dialogue in this episode, so I tried to pare it down. I struggled a lot over it and this is the result. They had a lot more to say before...


  • The planet Halmut was first mentioned in Currygom's side novel, the finite, where it was covered in thick ice. All the Gandharva suras still living there ended up being killed by Taksaka. It is in the same solar system as Willarv.


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