Gandharva is hopeful that Shakuntala is alive. Chandra appears outside his cell and wonders why Agni is trying to keep him alive. He then states that they cannot keep his identity a secret for long, so they should come up with an explanation for the attack on Kalibloom in the year N16.

A short time earlier, before Brilith's departure, she asks Gandharva if he has come up with a cover story, but he insists on finding out more about the rakshasa with Makara. Brilith tells him to ask the human himself, but she happens to hate suras who have killed humans.

Once Chandra gets Gandharva's attention again, he reminds him that they need to come up with a way to explain the red sky incidents as well. Gandharva asks about the human named Leez Haias, and Chandra tells him that she has stated that there are survivors in his clan who evacuated to the Asura clan, including Makara. Gandharva, still wanting information on his daughter, asks Chandra if he could use Insight on the human. Chandra tells him that he is in no position to make such a request while ignoring the problem at hand, and tells him to ask her himself. Gandharva resolves to try to make a good impression on her, and decides that he will tell the humans that he came here to stop the red sky incidents, but he was too late because some other guy had already gone through with them.

Back at the beach, Shess asks Maruna why he has a pressing need to develop. He replies that Gandharva is being held by the gods, and the situation in the sura realm is bad. When Shess indicates that he is aware of the situation, Maruna asks him why he is being so calm about it. Shess claims that it would not be as much of a problem for the Kinnara clan since they stayed quiet during the fiendish magic controversy and the gods promised to help them in the future as thanks. When Maruna asks if that means they were allied with the gods, Shess says that is not quite it, and adds that it would be hard for him to understand. Maruna protests that he was in his 1st stage at the time, but he still sort of remembers it all, and feels that the humans deserved to be punished for renouncing the suras. Shess states that he will be unable to develop with that mindset, prompting Maruna to charge up a transcendental and threaten to kill Kaz if Shess develops instead.

Ran continues to wait for Shess inside the checkpoint, as a server brings him the hot chocolate he ordered. Leez appears from behind the server and asks, "Ran-oppa?" Ran is so surprised that he pours the hot beverage into his lap.

Currygom's commentEdit

Today is the 8th anniversary of this webtoon, which started on February 7, 2010 on Naver. Thank you always. I love you guys.


Blog link Date: 2018.02.07 Category: Episodes Translated by: Jay

I already mentioned it in the Author's comment, but today is the 8th anniversary of Kubera as a webtoon. As always, thanks to all of you who have read this and cheered me on... T_T I will return the favor by steadily improving my work little by little.

<image: dark Chandra> His anger has exploded!
But the guy across from him showed no reaction.

<image: Brilith & Gandharva> Brilith: ......
In this scene with Brilith... there were about 40 thousand words omitted.

<image: Kinnara sura> head size ignores proper drawing perspective
This is a Kinnara clan nastika. It looks smaller by presenting itself like this.

<image: Maruna & Shess chibis> They're both 4th stage, but there's a huge age difference.
I'm over a thousand years old, too!!! What did Shess think when Maruna said that?


  • It is still questionable whether or not Gandharva has truly changed from his older, ruthless self. He has yet to show any remorse for his past genocides.
    • Gandharva's character development during Season 2 seems to involve finally accepting Shakuntala's death, and improving his relationship with humans and Agni. But as soon he learns of the possibility of his daughter's survival, it is as if he has taken a giant step back.
    • Gandharva is apparently willing to betray Maruna, while the latter still has a strong sense of loyalty to his mentor. The change of scene to Maruna after Gandharva says he will blame someone else could be misdirection, however, since there are others he could also blame, such as Sagara and God Kubera.
  • The Kinnara clan tries to maintain neutrality and balance by helping the losing side. Apparently it also involves planning for future alliances.
  • The account of how humans renounced the suras and worshiped only the gods was first mentioned in the webtoon by Brilith,[1] and later during a conversation between Teo Rakan and a Chaos temple assistant, where it was revealed that the suras took revenge by attacking planets inhabited by humans, including Gresvan.[2]
  • Shess mentions that the gods appreciated the fact that his clan, as well as certain others, avoided causing trouble during the fiendish magic controversy a thousand years ago, and that it makes a real difference when the gods can create a favorable environment for each clan. This could be one explanation as to why Varuna never made an ocean for the Gandharva clan, who wreaked a lot of havoc along with their king who killed millions upon millions of humans.
  • Ran also spilled a hot drink on himself back in Episode 2-28 when he first saw Leez under the effect of hoti yama.[3]
  • There is a hidden Currygom in this episode.


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