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It would be good to read this along with Episode 3-31.


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<image: Agni carrying Shess> I'm not her.
Shess must've been mumbling the whole way there like he did in the last episode?

<image: Kasak> Mr. Kasak (140 years old) who hit his head against the wall on purpose and got angry because it hurts
This all happened while Mr. Kasak was all alone, talking in his sleep. Brilith only silently watched.

<image: tentacles> a delicious color
I'm craving salted seafood... Hahaha, as I was drawing this, I kept thinking about salted seafood...

<image: Maruna and Agni> The moment of destiny. Ba-dump
He was tense, but nothing happened with Agni. But as soon as he relaxed, something happened afterwards.


  • Chandra mentions that there are those in the sura realm who value strength as a virtue, and considered Gandharva a good king in spite of being a ruthless tyrant. Sagara is one such individual.[1]


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