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I want to reduce the number of flashbacks, but there's nothing I can take out. T_T


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<image: sad god> A highly-advanced planet can unexpectedly disappear.
Gods with jurisdictions below solar system-level are mostly first- and second-Zen gods. Even though they are gods, they can't be called immortals. In order for them to live longer, rather than caring for and developing humans in their jurisdictions, they're better off leaving them on their own. Whenever a planet becomes advanced and powerful, it is easily noticed by suras like Gandharva.

<image: Agni and Brahma> a god fisherman
The thing she is fishing for is not fish.

<image: Indra sees Agni's shiny new sword> Give me a weapon, too! (throws a tantrum)
At the time, there were no chains around the sword yet.

<image: Vritra crushes Agni> LET! ME! SLEEP!
Vritra is incredibly strong, but he has rarely caused any harm to humans. Sleep comes first, before anything else...


  • There is a flashback scene in Season 1 that shows Agni fishing next to Vayu in the god realm.[1] Could he have been fishing for the same thing as Brahma?
  • As mentioned in the afterword, Agni's sword did not originally have a chain wrapped around it. At this point in the story, we do not know why it has chains now.

When Agni gained Extermination, and the limitations of Vritra's Fathomless FireEdit

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I didn't include the part where Agni gains Extermination, obviously. If you read only the webtoon, you wouldn't be curious at all about it (Extermination is never even mentioned in the webtoon). If you read the settings on the blog, however, you already know about it. In order to finish the flashbacks quickly, I'm trying to compress the story, but if I add how he gained Extermination, it'll only make the story longer...

(There is more; the rest is TBA.)


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