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Season 1 Episode 32: The Golden Knight (6)
1-32 Leez picks up the Golden Knight
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As the man in the dark cloak collapses in pain, Leez picks up the bracelet, which doesn't look like anything special and is way too large to wear. For some reason, she suddenly becomes unaware of it as it slips down her arm. The man reappears behind her, lightly holding her wrists and telling her she is strong yet doesn't control her strength well. At first she is surprised that he is no longer hurt, but then she realizes her arm feels unusually weak and sees the bracelet snug on her wrist. She struggles for a bit trying to take it off, then asks the man if he knows how. He replies that there are four ways she can remove it: Cut off her hand, die, ask a Fifth Zen God, or ask the Priest of Earth. For Leez, the last option seems to be the way to go, and asks how far would it be to travel to the Earth temple. She is troubled to learn that it is on the other side of the planet, 20,000km away, and she will be stuck with the bracelet for the time being. In that case, the man suggests that she learn how to use its abilities . She is more concerned with compensating the "real" owner for having it, so he offers to cover its cost and a pile of gold appears. As Leez wonders where all that came from, he offers her a gemstone instead which would be easier to carry. This only convinces her that he really is a thief. As she berates him, he suggests that she take a look behind her. She then notices the monsters of her nightmares, a group of suras, approaching.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Kubera tells Leez that she was lucky because she has only fought opponents strong enough to handle her.
    • Leez used to beat up Kaz, but even she knows that Kaz is unusually resilient.[1]
    • We don't know who she fought among the other villagers, but her mother was strong enough to handle Halfs, and Roen was a fighter as well.[2]
    • The last person Leez beat up was Agni, who is also a god.[1]
  • The silhouettes shown are, from left to right:
  • Rao Leez's biography in the first chapter implied that he was from Kalibloom. This means Anna decided to raise her child at the furthest point on the planet from where Rao used to live, perhaps to better hide their daughter.[6]
  • Kubera is shown visiting Agni. Ironically, in Agni's case, acting like an idiot is his way of coping, since he becomes stronger when he's angry.
  • Leez wonders if the bracelet will let her use magic. Her guess is correct: it turns out she can't use magic without it.[7]
  • This chapter implies that the only knowledge Leez has of suras is from (mostly negative) childhood stories.
  • In a Q&A chapter after Season 2 Chapter 100, Currygom explained that Leez did ask Asha to cut off her arm then heal it, in an attempt to remove the Golden Knight. Asha informed her that the Golden Knight would simply return to her healed arm. Leez would need to live with one arm to keep the bracelet off that way.

1-32 new owner of the Golden Knight.png
changed his mind
1-32 hair twirl.png
she shouldn't bother
1-32 scary suras.png
oversized bugs


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