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Season 1 Episode 34: The Golden Knight (8)
1-34 Kubera carries Leez
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The man in the dark cloak plays with Leez's hair again, so she makes fun of his strange color-changing eyes and hair and asks if it was done with magic.  He replies that there is a type of magic that can increase the caster's strength and create a golden light, but it uses up vigor. In his case, he just happens to glow every night without any ill effects. Leez mentions that since it's getting dark, she has to get back to the city so she can make a birthday present... and she realizes she lost her curry mushroom. The man hands her the mushroom and says he found it on the road earlier. As she starts on her way, he complains that she will be too slow, so she jokingly says he should carry her. He does exactly that, which startles her, causing her to drop the mushroom again. After a short blast of strong wind, they find themselves standing on the city's wall. Again, she assumes he used magic, and he must have cheated in their race, so unfair! When she insists that they have to go back to get the box, it suddenly appears in front of them. She is unable to lift the box since her vigor did not recover yet, and the man refuses to assist her, but she still thanks him for everything and calls him a good person. At that moment he looks into her eyes and sees an insight of Leezs' future self, being angry at him for letting her live. He then decides to give the current Leez a choice of either living a difficult life, or dying now.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Kubera commented that his hair turned gold because it was "that time of the day." Assuming that sunset occurs at 6 pm in the Kubera world, this means his hair turns gold at the hour of Kubera. See Calendar.
  • Leez recalls Kubera's explanation when she sees hoti kubera for the first time.[1]
  • Leez later realizes that it was suspicious how Mister could bring her back into the city despite the city barriers.[2]
  • Leez's father is the one who named her Kubera, supposedly because the Name was supposed to bring her happiness. We still don't know which bastard told him that.[3]
  • In the insight, Leez's back is full of scars. In Season 2, we learn that Leez has regenerative abilities beyond the natural healing of humans, but that the Sword of Re nullifies them, leaving her to bear injuries like a normal human unless someone heals her.[4]

1-34 hoti kubera.png
the glow
1-34 insight.png
the future
1-34 the choice.png
the choice


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