Maruna had heard stories of how Gandharva was originally a powerful, ruthless, and intimidating nastika, completely different from the person who fostered him, cared for his own family, and worked hard to keep the peace. The only thing preventing him from returning to his old personality and going completely insane is the hope that his daughter is still alive.

Gandharva accuses God Kubera of double-crossing him, who in turn says the gate opened where it was supposed to. This angers Gandharva, but Kubera warns him to keep in line and follow orders unless he wants to abandon his daughter. Gandharva recalls a time when she asked him not to rescue her if she were ever held hostage, because he was much more important to their clan than she was. He then agrees to take down Rindhallow and walks away, visibly holding in his anger. Maruna wonders why God Kubera would do something like this, when a possibility occurs to him which causes him to think of the god's actions as sadistic.

Sagara and her bodyguards, hidden nearby, plot to approach Maruna after the rest of their army finishes passing through the gate.

Back in Atera, Leez asks why they are leaving a few days earlier than expected, and Asha replies that they needed to take a longer route than she had originally planned. When Lorraine begins to discuss her investigation of Leez's village, Asha tosses Leez out of the room and tells her to wash her face. Lorraine then reveals the reading of zero deaths from her device, even though there had been no visible survivors.[1]  


Currygom's commentEdit

  I'm sorry, Leez.  


There is no afterword for this episode.  



  • Shakuntala's kidnapping and Agni rescuing her was mentioned in previous episodes.[2][3]
  • We learn more about what happened to the Gandharva clan in Season 2.[4]
  • Within sura clans, the stronger the king, the stronger the clan as a whole.[5] This is probably why it is more advantageous for Sagara to leave the weakened Gandharva alive.



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