Erin Florussi is a professor at Eloth University. She takes the side of the prosecution during Asha's second murder trial.



Erin and her colleague Natasha Ross are both terrible gossips who thinks nothing of badmouthing people behind their backs.[1]

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Season 2Edit

30: Falling PetalsEdit

(3) In Aeroplateau, as the golden sun sets outside, Ran and Claude are conversing as Erin and her colleague Natasha Ross stand nearby. When Ran asks Claude if he only came to the city to sightsee, Natasha tells Claude that it's better that he attends the magician's conference than to laze about in Kalibloom. Erin then adds that it's too bad Claude doesn't have even half of Airi's character. She tells him that he hasn't changed at all since college, and is amazed that he's even attending the conference at all.

(4) Inside the conference building, Natasha complains about the halfs that seem to be everywhere, and suggests to Erin that they kick them all out. Erin tells her to be careful, because Saha was the one who summoned them for the trial. Natasha then notices Ran sitting nearby, and recalls his Half phobia. Erin notes that since he is sitting among halfs, his phobia may have gotten better... or not, as she notices the tears pouring down his face. The two women spend some time mocking him behind his back before Rana tells them, "Excuse me," and walks past them to Ran.


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