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Ernst Seiran
에른스트 세이란
2-02 Ernst Seiran portrait
Basic Information
Race Pure-blood human
Birthday attributes Agni - Marut - Marut
Gender male
Occupation Atera Magic Guild General Manager
Magician rank B (#?)
Personal Information
Birthday Year D990
7th month (Agni)
? day (Marut)
11th hour (Marut)

27 years

26 years

Height/Weight 180cm / 66kg
First Appearance
Webtoon Episode 8

Ernst Seiran (에른스트 세이란) is a human who works for Ruche Seiran as the General Manager of the Atera Magic Guild.


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Season 1Edit

2: The Queen and the BumEdit

(3) Soon after Asha checks in at the Magic Guild and leaves to get Leez, Ernst notices Ruche stomping up the stairs with a toolbox and a saw.

(5) Once Asha returns to the Magic Guild with Leez, he gives them the keys to their rooms. Once Leez leaves upstairs, he tells Asha about Lorraine and Ruche's mission. Asha asks him to make sure the girl hears nothing about the mission or any related matters, and to notify the rest of the guild staff to watch what they say around her.

3: The Sorrow of LossEdit

(4) When the Magic Guild goes up in flames because of Agni's transcendental, he manages to escape the building and tries to get help for Asha.

10: The Night it Rained FireEdit

(9) He is present when Sagara attacks Atera, and has a short discussion with Ruche at the Magic Guild, with many bystanders nearby.

Season 2Edit

13: LostEdit

(2) Ernst goes over the list of attendees with Ruche for Brilith's post-attack meeting then tries to revive her when Mr. Kasak's presence causes her to faint.


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