섬 (殲)
Fire + (Destruction)
Target Oneself
Effect(s) see description
Requirement Being Taksaka / wielding the Sword of Hellfire + state of Fire Assimilation + 0.5% of required vigor is deducted from the summoner's vigor
Known user(s) Agni, Taksaka
Blog source Agni's skills

Extermination is one of Taksaka's unique transcendental skills. It puts the user in a special state. Because Agni is not a sura, he only could learn the additive effects of it.

When Taksaka uses this skill, it's accompanied by a storm of disaster and devastation, but Agni's Extermination buff state only shows minor effects.

As long as this state is activated, the regeneration rate of all living beings is reduced by half in a certain range. While in this state, all of Agni's transcendentals look black and he seems to be very irritable. Furthermore, Fire Assimilation and Paradisial Flare cannot be cast. Even White Assimilation doesn't work as usual.

Agni copied Fathomless Fire a long time ago through his Sword of Hellfire, but couldn't use it as it is a sura-exclusive skill; only after learning the state of Extermination from Taksaka was he able to cast it.

Agni didn't tell the other gods that he is able to use this skill.

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