The Daily Life of Gu Bera No. 2 (Chinese New Year 2011 Special) was released on Naver (but not on Webtoons) after Episode 50. For general information about this series, see The Daily Life of Gu Bera.

2nd Character Popularity ContestEdit

The episode begins with the contest results. Leez is upset with her 4th-place ranking, considering she is the main character, while Asha tells her to move out of the way or else she will scare off the readers. The rankings are gradually revealed amongst the various shenanigans of the webtoon characters.

Contest #2 results:

  1. Yuta
  2. God Kubera
  3. Asha
  4. Leez
  5. Agni
  1. Maruna
  2. Gandharva
  3. Currygom
  4. Shakuntala
  5. Garuda
  1. Brilith
  2. Shuri
  3. Sagara
  4. Urvasi
  5. Makara
  1. Laila
  2. Ruche
  3. Airi
  4. Lorraine
  5. Manasvin


Shin Gu covers his face in pain as Gu Bera tells him it serves him right for staring. When he tells her he thinks he has a broken tooth, Gu Bera begins to panic because she cannot afford to pay him compensation. She jumps off the 3rd floor balcony to escape.

At the school buffet lunch line (penalty for leaving leftovers: $100 million) Lee Asha asks Gu Bera, face bandaged-up, what happened to her. Gu Bera simply replies that she fell down, while thinking that she was lucky she landed on a tree. Soon they can hear Sagara screaming about the salad, turnips, and anchovies being offered in the buffet, which prompts Kim Gandal to taunt her for her short stature. When she accuses him of increasing his height in the school records, he picks her up and runs away as Maru watches. Choi Maru is not happy about the buffet options, either, and heads for the Canteen. Gu Bera is fine with eating anchovies, and asks Asha if she also thinks they are nice. Instead, Asha walks off with Jung Brill, who suggests they order delivery. Gu Bera fills up her tray, then sees Shin Gu in line complaining that he can only eat soup because of his sore tooth. Gu Bera is shocked not only that he called her "sunbae" (honorific for upperclassmen), but that he is a freshman with a body like that and a shirt that is unable to completely button up. She decides to run away, complaining that her life sucks and begging for some romance, at least. She crashes into someone, causing his tray of anchovies to go flying in the air and landing all over both of them. She looks up to apologize to a tall boy with short black hair and white skin.

List of Gu Bera characters appearing in this episodeEdit

In order of appearance:

Gu Bera Webtoon student info
Shin Gu Kubera freshman, Class 12
Gu Bera Leez Haias junior, Class 12
Lee Asha Asha Rahiro junior, Class 12 → Class 11
Sagara Sagara senior, Class 1
Kim Gandal Gandharva senior, Class 1
Choi Maru Maruna senior, Class 5
Jung Brill Brilith Ruin junior, Class 11
(unnamed) Yuta ?