The Daily Life of Gu Bera No. 3 (Zero HP Special: Sleep-drawn) was released on Naver (but not on Webtoons) after Episode 68. For general information about this series, see The Daily Life of Gu Bera.


It begins with Currygom working hard drawing on her computer, then turning into Whitegom and falling asleep. With her head still down, she begins to draw...

Gu Bera brushes off the rest of the anchovies from the boy's clothes, laughing that she is too broke to pay him for dry-cleaning. She realizes that she recognizes him, and asks if he's Yuta. She then decides that he cannot be him because Yuta is a lot shorter and looks like an elementary school student. She notices that he had only anchovies in his tray, and offers to refill his tray with a little bit of everything and extra helpings of salad, oblivious to his distress over the idea of vegetables. But when she returns to the buffet line, Shin Gu is still there, offering his "sunbae" some soup as he stirs it. Gu Bera wonders when she is going to get some romance, and complains that she still does not get treated like the main character, even in the special episodes. Whitegom ignores her pleas, lying on the floor with flies buzzing around her. As Gu Bera sighs, Yoota taps her on the shoulder and shows her his note (calling her "sunbae") that she should not worry about paying for dry-cleaning, but she can pay for his lunch outside. She is surprised that he is only a freshman, but agrees to have lunch outside. Meanwhile, as Shin Gu watches her leave, he grips the soup ladle and bends the handle in half.

As a purple-haired girl flips some beef patties, Gu Bera is surprised that this hamburger stand (selling patties for 10 cents each) is on school grounds. Yuta swallows his patty in one bite, and writes a note that it was a nice appetizer. Gu Bera's account balance is only $3, but she splurges on 30 more beef patties for Yuta, leaving her broke. She entertains the idea of killing Currygom, still feeling hungry since she had nothing to eat. She mopes and walks away, telling Yuta goodbye. Yuta watches her, then looks at his last uneaten patty. He decides to stick the patty in Gu Bera's mouth, and shows her a note telling her thanks and that he will be buying her lunch from now on. She is momentarily gobsmacked before happily realizing she finally found her romance.

Shin Gu, arms crossed, watches the entire scene from under a nearby tree.

List of Gu Bera characters appearing in this episodeEdit

In order of appearance:

Gu Bera Webtoon student info
Yuta Yuta freshman, Class 12
Gu Bera Leez Haias junior, Class 12
Shin Gu Kubera freshman, Class 12
purple-haired girl Brahma grill chef