Eye of Earth lets the user find the current location of a living being. Since there are other gods of earth who use this skill, it is not a unique transcendental skill. But since no suras have learned it yet, the attribute limit must be Earth + Earth + Earth.

There are certain conditions for the target.

  1. The target must have been near the user and it has to be remembered by the user.
  2. The target must be on the same planet.
  3. The target must be moving on its own.
  4. The target cannot be tracked if it is flying, or if it is sitting atop another moving, living being. However, the target can be tracked on top of buildings, in treetops, or underwater.

If the target meets all of these conditions, it can be found anytime.


As he stands atop the walls of Atera, God Kubera uses this skill to look for the thieves who took the box containing the Golden Knight.[1]


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