Fathomless Fire
무저화 (無底火)
Fathomless Fire
Fire + ???
Target Single nearby object
Effect(s) Movement
Requirement Being Vritra + special condition / wielding the Sword of Hellfire + state of Extermination + 0.5% of required vigor is deducted from the summoner's vigor
Known user(s) Agni, Vritra
Blog source Agni's skills

Fathomless Fire is Vritra's Unique Transcendental Skill. It ejects the target into a 0-dimensional realm. 0-dimensional space is practically indistinguishable from non-existence, which makes it very comparable to Shiva's ability that "erase existence".

5th-zen gods are able to escape 0-dimensional realm by jumping to higher dimensions (as they do to cross the restrained barriers between realms). They are protected by their state of being that blurs the line between existence and non-existence across dimensions.

Agni copied this skill a long time ago through his Sword of Hellfire, but couldn't use it as it is a sura-exclusive skill; only after learning the state of Extermination from Taksaka was he able to cast it.

Agni didn't tell the other gods that he is able to use it.


Agni used this skill in order to talk to Gandharva without being overheard by God Kubera.

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