Vritra is the first king of the Vritra clan, and Fathomless Fire is his unique transcendental skill. It moves a target to a 0-dimensional space. (Note: Hell is a 1-dimensional space.) A 0-dimensional space might sound nice, but it is a dimension where existence and non-existence are indistinguishable, which makes it a very powerful skill comparable to Shiva's Disappearance of Existence.

Nevertheless, as a 5th Zen-level god, Agni can move beyond existence and non-existence and return to the god realm. If someone who is not a 5th-Zen god gets caught by this transcendental, their only way of escaping is to defeat the user and flee before they are moved to another dimension, for once they are moved, it is truly goodbye...

Agni learned this skill quite a long time ago via Sword of Hellfire, but this skill can only be used in sura form. It was only after learning Taksaka's Extermination, a sura-form offensive transcendental skill, that he discovered that he was able to use Vritra clan sura-form transcendentals...but Agni has yet to tell the other gods that he is able to use them.


Agni used this skill in order to talk to Gandharva without being overheard by God Kubera.[1]


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