Fire Assimilation
화염동화 (火焰同化)
Fire Assimilation
Target Oneself
Effect(s) Damage enhancement (temporary), Speed enhancement (temporary), Immunity to physical attacks (temporary)
Requirement Being Agni, 1% of required vigor is deducted from the summoner's vigor
Known user(s) Agni
Blog source Agni's skills

Fire Assimilation is one of Agni's unique transcendental skills. It is regarded as the symbol of the Fire God Agni.

It has effect on physical constraints such as gravity and mass. Although it increases speed to the point it looks like teleportation, it is not. (If there is a fire at the destination, Immortal Fire is much more efficient in regard to vigor consumption than Fire Assimilation.)

In the state of Fire Assimilation, the user is close to invincible. The only problem is that vigor continues to be consumed.

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