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Floating Feather
1-92 into darkness (detail)
Target self
Effect(s) lets user ignore natural gravity
Requirement human or sura form, Garuda Clan exclusive
Known user(s) Yuta
Print source Vol. 8 Extras

Floating Feather is a Garuda clan exclusive transcendental that lets the user ignore gravity and float like a feather.

The extent to which gravity can be ignored depends on the user's skill and the environment. Therefore, various applications such as gliding/walking on water are possible.

However, this transcendental cannot ignore gravity that was strengthened by magic/transcendental. It is only effective against gravity in its natural state.

No matter how strong a planet's gravity, or even in the sura realm, the user can ignore the pull of natural gravity (this is why the Garuda clan has an advantage over other clans in the sura realm), but it cannot nullify the effect of artificially-increased gravity created via magic/transcendental means.

Yuta uses this skill to walk on water in the water channel.[1]


  1. KuberaSeason 1 Episode 92: Lies for You (4)

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