Frozen Tear
얼어붙은 눈물
2-66 Frozen Tear
Water + Recovery
Target Certain Area in viewing direction
Effect(s) Damage (physical+cold+mental) + mental breakdown
Requirement Being Gandharva, human form or partial sura form (at least head has to be human), mental breakdown
Known user(s) Gandharva
Blog source Gandharva's skills

Frozen Tear is one of Gandharva's unique transcendental skills.

It can only be used when Gandharva is crying emotionally. Blue rays pierce down from the sky that fast, it can't be distinguished if they came from above or from the ground. Frozen Tear makes considerable physical damage, but what makes it very effective is the mental breakdown of the target. Even mentally weak Nastika can be affected.

It doesn't confuse 5-zen Gods (like Agni) (high mental level).

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