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What if, instead of being enemies, we were allies? But that would be impossible.
– Gandharva's thoughts, after talking with Agni[1]


Gandharva is a nastika and king of the Gandharva clan. He is currently in the human realm, reluctantly helping God Kubera with his scheme in exchange for information on his missing daughter, Shakuntala.


  • Gandharva is one of the 12 characters shown in the Prologue; he seems to represent "loss and solitude".[2]
  • On Currygom's me2day, she said that some people were disappointed because of Gandharva's low rank, but if he's in third place after Vritra and Asura it's actually not low at all...Vritra alone is really strong but he doesn't have allies (all Vritra clan suras just fight alone like Taksaka) so if the clans fight, Gandharva's clan will defeat the Vritra clan.
  • According to him and Sagara, "pretty faces" are common in the Gandharva clan.
  • His sura form is most often sighted as planet-sized, but is sometimes reported to be city-sized or even smaller. His largest recorded appearance was when he apparently swallowed a red giant star.
  • He destroyed the planet Gresvan sometime around the year D0.[3]
  • He seems to be fine with eating vegetables, but he doesn't eat seafood.[4]


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