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General AbilitiesEdit

As a nastika, Gandharva is able to change his human-form appearance, which includes his age, his gender, and his clothing. However, the sura trait he can never transform is his right eye.

Transcendental SkillsEdit

Gandharva, even in his weakened state, is an extremely powerful sura. Gandharva's transcendental skills mostly involve water and ice. The following are in the order they appear in the story. Click on the transcendental name for more details.

1-12 Healing Touch
Healing Touch

Effect: recovery

This skill heals an injured living creature but consumes a great amount of vigor. It affects regeneration speed.
1-84 resting place of ocean depths
Resting Place of Ocean Depths

unique transcendental skill
Effect: poison purification, temperature drop, appearance of fog (or water/ice), increased power of water-aligned transcendental skills, recovery speed enhancement for Gandharva clan suras

This skill changes the environment in favor of the suras of the Gandharva clan. Although the duration of this skill is not limited, it continuously drains vigor at a fast rate, making it hard to maintain if the vigor recovery rate cannott keep up with consumption.
1-16 Heartless Edge
Heartless Edge

unique transcendental skill
Effect: temporarily strengthens attack and defense

It manifests as an ice blade which can change shape. It also consumes a great amount of vigor.
1-18 Cold Wave
Cold Wave

Effect: damage (frost) + temporarily freezes the surrounding area

This skill lowers the temperature of the area surrounding the user to below freezing.
1-18 Absolute Zero Point
Absolute Zero Point

Effect: temporarily lowers the user's body temperature close to absolute zero (−273.15°C/−459.67°); others who come in contact with the user can suffer fatal damage

This skill lowers the user's body temperature close to absolute zero (lowest possible temperature), and damages other beings that come into contact with the user (possibly fatal).
2-61 water spout full scale
Water Spout

Effect: topographical change by groundwater ejection


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