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1-05 Gandharva
Basic Information
Race Sura
Clan Gandharva clan
Rank Nastika
Clan attribute Water
Source attribute Resurrection
Gender male
Authority King
Personal Information
Height/Weight 169cm / 57kg
Non-human traits right eye
Family Menaka (wife/deceased)

Shakuntala (daughter/status unknown)
First Appearance
Webtoon Episode 1

General AbilitiesEdit

As a nastika, Gandharva is able to change his human-form appearance, which includes his age, his gender, and his clothing. However, the sura trait he can never transform is his right eye.

Transcendental SkillsEdit

Gandharva, even in his weakened state, is an extremely powerful sura. Gandharva's transcendental skills mostly involve water and ice. The following are in the order they appear in the story.

Healing Touch

- 치유의 손길
1-12 Healing Touch
Resurrection (1 up to 3 all possible)
Target Multiple nearby objects
Effect(s) Recovery
Possible in human and sura form
Gandharva, Hura
Blog source Gandharva's skills

Healing Touch is a resurrection-aligned transcendental skill.

This skill heals an injured living creature. As long as the creature is still alive, it's possible to recover the physical condition fully, but vigor will be consumed accordingly.

Unlike hoti asvins, it doesn't affect time, but the regeneration speed. That's why it doesn't work on inanimate objects. Another difference to hoti asvins is that it has no maximum time limit.

The required transcendental value is low, so it can be used by almost everyone with the right attribute. But many refrain from using it because of the severe vigor consumption.

Uses in KuberaEdit

Gandharva used this skill to heal the two halfs he and Maruna saved from hunters near Atera.[1] He also tried to heal Teo shortly after she had been stabbed.[2] Hura also posesses the resurrection attribute and is able to use this skill. This was hinted when he said he could heal Clophe after the failed attack on Atera[3] and he also later healed Riagara, Clophe, and Pingara after they had been attacked by Yuta.[4]

The Resting Place of Ocean Depths

- 깊은 바다의 안식처
1-84 resting place of ocean depths
Water + Resurrection
Target Range around the user (very wide)
Effect(s) poison purification, temperature drop, appearance of fog (or water/ice), increased power of water-aligned transcendental skills, recovery speed enhancement for Gandharva clan suras
being Gandharva; human or sura form
Blog source Gandharva's skills

The Resting Place of Ocean Depths is one of Gandharva's unique transcendental skills.

This skill changes the environment in favor of the suras of the Gandharva clan.

As the environment of the sura realm was fatally poisonous for his clan, Gandharva used this skill to purify an area. As it couldn't purify it perfectly, weaker members of the clan still suffered.[5]

Although the duration of this skill is not limited, it continuously drains vigor at a fast rate. Therefore, it is hard to maintain if the vigor recovery rate cannot keep up with its consumption.

Uses in KuberaEdit

Gandharva uses this skill multiple times, including:

Heartless EdgeEdit

1-16 Heartless Edge
unique transcendental skill
Effect: temporarily strengthens attack and defense

Gandharva uses this skill to turn his right arm into an ice blade and halfheartedly attacks Agni.[6]

Cold WaveEdit

1-18 Cold Wave
Effect: damage (frost) + temporarily freezes the surrounding area

Gandharva uses this skill to stall Agni from returning to his summoner, Brilith, by keeping the temperature as low as -75°C/-103°F.[8]

Absolute Zero PointEdit

1-18 Absolute Zero Point
Effect: temporarily lowers the user's body temperature close to absolute zero (−273.15°C/−459.67°); others who come in contact with the user can suffer fatal damage

Gandharva uses this skill to stop Agni by freezing him solid, in order to prevent him from interfering with Maruna's attack.[8]

Water SpoutEdit

2-61 water spout full scale
Effect: topographical change by groundwater ejection

Gandharva uses this transcendental to flood the entire region around Kalibloom, in a wide enough area to be seen from outer space.[9]


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