Garuda's sword is a god-level item created by an unknown god.


Garuda's sword is a mysterious sword with a jagged hilt and no guard, originally in the possession of Garuda. It has been passed down to Maruna and then to Yuta, to help Yuta suppress his huge transcendental value during his travels.[1] When not in use, it was usually covered by strips of cloth during Yuta's second stage, and worn as a metallic-looking belt with scales during his third stage. However, it can change into many different shapes, sometimes similar to real swords, while at other times resembling different weapons (chains with spike, double-axe). When not in its normal form (sword/belt), it will glow.[2] The precise requirements for unsealing it and its powers are so far unknown. Aside from the cloth-covered form, the belt form, and the sword form, other forms are unstable and only maintain a solid form in Yuta's grasp.


  • While the actual creator is still a mystery, knowing Garuda's past affiliations, the item was possibly made by either Kali or Vishnu.


2-14 Yuta recalls his brother (detail)

Maruna gives the sword to Yuta[1]

The sword was handed down from Garuda to Maruna and then to Yuta, the current owner. The uncovered sword was first seen being held by Yuta just after he attacked a group of humans, consisting of a Half hunter and his customers, who had killed a Gandharva Half in cold blood.[4] The sword was briefly handed to Leez to protect an unknown person in their party from the Hide of Bondage,[5] but was later given back.

Yuta showed the item's full capability when he intervened in a fight between God Kubera and Sagara. Yuta intended to capture Sagara to eat her using the chain form, but she escaped by cutting off her own foot.[6]


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