Gigantic Force
거인의 힘
1-34 God Kubera at night
Target Self
Effect(s) Increase of user's strength and defense (temporarily)
Requirement Unknown
Known user(s) God Kubera
Blog source Kubera's skills

Gigantic Force (거인의 힘) is an earth-aligned transcendental skill that increases the user's strength and defense temporarily.

The skill itself is only available to Kubera, but its effects are similar to that of many other transcendentals so it is not considered unique.

This transcendental skill is the original form of the divine magic hoti kubera. Hoti kubera is mostly used to only enhance selected parts of the body, whereas Gigantic Force unconditionally strengthens the whole body, not only letting golden swirls circle the user, but also coloring their hair and eyes golden.

Unlike the divine magic hoti kubera, this skill is of a passive nature as it automatically activates at nighttime (from the hour of earth until the hour of resurrection). Daytime and nighttime cannot be divided in space, so the time in space is always considered nighttime.


Gigantic Force is the reason for God Kubera creating the 'Golden Knight'. Of course, he is now able to control his power at night even without the item.

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